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June 11, 2020

Sun Life Continues to Implement Digital Enterprise, A Way in Welcoming The New Normal

Sun Connect, A New Insurance Solution from Sun Life

Jakarta, 11 June 2020 – Since 2019, Sun Life Asia has prepared to face future challenges by establishing Digital Enterprise that will bring our businesses and technology closer to create innovative solutions for our stakeholders, especially Clients, at speed. In 2020, Sun Life continues to utilize technology, in welcoming the new normal. The pandemic has changed the civilization, from the old culture to the new era that had never been imagined before. Undoubtedly, the need for protection, including insurance is increasing. A company commitment is needed to respond the people needs for technology-based protection services. Today, as part of this commitment, PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia ("Sun Life Indonesia") officially launched Sun Connect, a new insurance solution that utilized the use of technology.

Elin Waty, President Director of Sun Life Indonesia said, "Sun Life has been focused on technology in supporting employees and marketers productivity for a long time. At the same time, Sun Life will be using data processing to deliver even better experiences and further value for our clients. Digital transformation has made the company prepared to welcome the new normal. In addition to our range of product solutions that suits to clients’ needs, Sun Life is also committed to #SLaluMendampingi (To Always Present) and provide insurance solutions to our stakeholders. Sun Connect is one of the latest solutions that we introduce, to meet client needs for life and health protection, to help agents start selling virtually, and to keep the economy going".

Since the first Covid-19 case emerged in Indonesia last March, Indonesia's economic condition has experienced a significant slowdown. The turmoil on health aspects creates domino effect on the economic sector, since most activities were stopped to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The impact has hit various economic sectors, ranging from weakening stock market index, rupiah exchange rate that was slumped down, businesses which operations were hampered and suffered heavy losses, to casual workers who were directly affected by this situation.

"A recent study from Harvard University said that the application of social distancing needs to be implemented at least until the next 2022. During this period, economic condition is expected to be unstable. This means that people will continue to be overwhelmed with anxiety and worry, from being exposed to the virus, the risks to their lives, economic crisis, losing their jobs, and also the economic stability. The awareness and need for insurance protection also becomes a normality. This is in line with the 100 predictions of New Normal Life After Covid-19 that we compiled, one of which concluded that insurance becomes an inevitable need for society in the midst of the new normal. On the other hand, it takes innovation and readiness from the industry to be able to meet these needs, while presenting a new way of insurance, by prioritizing customers and marketers safety and comfort. A transformation of digital-based business model, which is able to support productivity, is at the same time in line with the clients’ current changing needs and behavior," explained Yuswohady, Consumer Observer and Marketing Expert.

"Not only in terms of infrastructure and technology, we also prepare skillful human resources, and educate marketers to be able to go through every process of virtual marketing. The presence of Sun Connect provides new experience in insurance, prioritizing the principles of security, comfort and convenience, especially for our clients and agents, "said Shierly Ge, Chief Marketing Officer of Sun Life Indonesia. This initiative is in line with the Financial Services Authority's (OJK) policy regarding new procedures for selling unit-linked or insurance products that allow unit link products sale done virtually or digitally. This relaxation policy is given as an effort to maintain the performance and stability of insurance industry in Indonesia.

Now, agents can use various communication media such as video calls or video conferences to communicate and market Sun Life products to clients. A variety of supporting documents can be uploaded online, and then authorized using client’s letter statement, recorded video and audio.

"Besides our efforts to increase public awareness about the importance of protection and insurance, the various innovations that we present also stem from our desire to provide the best comfort and security of services and protection. In the midst of this pandemic, the commitment to #SLaluMendampingi (To Always Present) becomes priority, carrying positive energy, and together we are ready to enter the new normal with better financial planning and protection," concluded Elin.


About Sun Life Financial Indonesia

Sun Life Financial Indonesia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun Life Financial. We offer a variety of products protection and management, from life insurance, education insurance, health insurance, and retirement plans. Sun Life partners with leading financial institutions, both national and international, to serve multi-distribution channel strategies and provide wider access to our insurance solutions.

Sun Life Financial Indonesia has won several prestigious awards in 2019 including:

  1. The Best Unit Link 2019 - Salam Balanced Fund for Mixed Fund for 7 Years Period category from Majalah Investor
  2. President Director of PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia, Elin Waty, was chosen as Most Inspiring Women from Majalah Globe Asia
  3. My Sun Life Indonesia application gets the Top 3 Most User Friendly & Satisfying Application award from Majalah Gatra
  4. Contact Center Service Excellence Award 2019 - Call Center award for Life & Health Insurance category which was held by Carre Center for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (“Carre CCSL”) and Majalah Service Excellence
  5. Contact Center Service Excellence Award 2019 - Customer Service Email Centers award for Insurance category which was held by Carre Center for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (“Carre CCSL”) and Majalah Service Excellence
  6. Five Star (Sangat Bagus) Rating for SLFI Xtra Progressive Fund for 10 Years Period from Majalah Infobank
  7. First Rank Infobank Digital Brand Awards 2019 for Conventional Life Insurance Gross Premium Rp2.5 Trillion - under Rp5 Trillion category from Majalah Infobank
  8. Indonesia Most Admired Companies (IMACO) Award 2019: Pilihan Generasi Milenial from Majalah Warta Ekonomi
  9. Silver Stevie Awards for Innovation in Human Resource Management, Planning & Practice from Asia Pacific Stevie Awards
  10. Top Unit Link 2019; Category: Insurance - Best Financial Product Award 2019 from Majalah Warta Ekonomi
  11. Best Insurance Awards 2019 - Category Life Insurance with Asset Above IDR10 Trillion - IDR25 Trillion from Majalah Investor
  12. The Highest Profit Growing Insurance Companies 2019 from Majalah Infobank
  13. Best Financial Performance for Insurance Company with Assets Between Rp10-15 Trillion dan TOP 5 Financial Performances for Insurance Company with Assets Below Rp500 Billion from
  14. The 2nd Rank Insurance Companies for Indonesia Best Companies in Creating Leaders from Within 2019 which was held by Majalah SWA
  15. Employer of The Year (Bronze Winner) which was held by Human Resources Excellence Awards 2019
  16. President Director of PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia, Elin Waty, was chosen as Most Admired CEO 2019: Excellent Leadership for Accelerating Business Performance from

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