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August 30, 2018

Sun Life Financial Indonesia Initiates Sundate Activities to Encourage Indonesian Families to Raise Happiness Index

  •  According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), family harmony is the dimension with the greatest influence in shaping individual’s happiness, with an indicator of 80.5
  •  Sun Life chooses the occasion of National Customer Day to initiate Sundate activities for Indonesian families

JAKARTA, 30 August 2018 – To welcome National Customer Day, PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia (“Sun Life") is holding a series of activities called Sundate for its loyal customers. These activities, which have been organized to show Sun Life's appreciation for the loyalty of its customers, offer customers a pleasant family experience while bringing them closer to the company in its capacity as a trusted family financial planning partner. These activities are taking place in 5 major cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali and Medan.

Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia's happiness index has increased, from 68.28 in 2014 to 70.69 in 2017 on a scale of 0-100. The Indonesian Happiness Index is composed of three dimensions, namely Life Satisfaction, Feelings, and Meaning of Life. According to this report, the dimension of family harmony (the indicator of social life satisfaction) has the highest value and greatest influence on one's happiness, with a figure of 80.05 . This is in line with the findings of one of the longest and most comprehensive studies ever conducted, the Harvard Study of Adult Development, which states that having close and good-quality relationships with family and close friends results in people living healthier and happier lives.

Elin Waty, President Director of Sun Life, said, “Sun Life understands the importance of family harmony in helping to improve individual's happiness, as it is in line with Sun Life's mission of helping Indonesian families achieve a better life. For Sun Life, just like a family, customers are the most important assets for a company and need to be looked after and protected properly. In light of this, we have initiated the Sundate activities as a means of bringing family members closer together, while improving customer happiness and satisfaction, especially to mark National Customer Day.”

Even though Indonesia has enjoyed a rise in its happiness index, current lifestyles along with the era of digitalization have shifted how happiness within the family is interpreted. “Daily work and activity routines, various roles that must be followed, and not to mention devices that we never let go of, are slowly driving a distance between individuals in the family. Meanwhile, happiness actually stems from the connections between each family member, not just from engrossing yourself in your own world. The concept of Sundate can actually serve as the perfect solution for restoring true happiness, by setting aside a specific time to carry out a bunch of fun activities with all your family members. Of course, in an effort to reach the targets and happiness levels we dream about, it takes commitment and cooperation from all elements in the family and also requires a careful and thorough planning process,” Psychologist and Author, Intan Erlita explained.

As a financial planning expert which has been guiding Indonesian families for more than two decades, Sun Life consistently strives to assist in realizing the future aspirations of Indonesian families through the various services, products and innovations it offers. “Sun Life presents Sundate to our loyal clients, and in addition, the initiative is also to encourage Indonesian people in general to build quality relationships within their families and with loved ones by engaging in activities together. One way of doing this is to take advantage of weekends. This initiative is consistent with Sun Life's commitment to helping people enjoy every moment and stage of life more comfortably. Enjoy a healthy and happy family, #LebihBaik Sekarang! (#BetterNow!)” said Shierly Ge, Chief Marketing Officer of Sun Life Financial Indonesia.

Staged in five major cities in Indonesia, Sundate's activities involve approximately 1,000 Sun Life customers and their families. Sun Life's appreciation towards its customers will culminate in October, when Sun Life send three of its selected client’s families to Japan to enjoy a family holiday. “We hope that the Sundate initiative can inspire more people to take the opportunity to enjoy some well-planned family time together. Furthermore, through this initiative, we also want to play a part in establishing a better and happier generation of Indonesians,” said Elin in closing.

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Sun Life Financial Indonesia won several prestigious awards in 2017 including:

1. PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia won the award as the Best Takaful Family Provider Indonesia 2017 at the Global Banking & Finance Awards 2017 held by Global Business Outlook
2. PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia was presented with the Excellent Service Experience Award (ESEA) 2017 for the category of Life & Health Insurance held by the Carre Center for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (“Carre CCSL”) and Service Excellence Magazine.
3. PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia received the award for Predikat Bintang Lima atas Kinerja Unit Link Jenis Campuran tahun 2012 – 2016 untuk Salam Balanced Fund (Five Star Performance for Mixed Unit Link Products 2012 – 2016 for the Salam Balanced Fund) at the 2017 Unit Link Awards 2017 from Infobank Magazine.
4. PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia won the award as HR Asia Best Company to Work for in Asia 2017 Awards from HR Asia Media International.
5. PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia received the award as Indonesia’s Most Admired Company – Special Mention Life Insurance from Warta Ekonomi Magazine.
6. PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia won the award as HRD Employer of Choice as the Top Performer award in the category of Learning & Development.
7. PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia won the award for Best Financial Performance Life Insurance Company for the category of Assets between IDR 6-10 trillion in the Indonesia Insurance Consumer Choice Awards 2017 from Warta Ekonomi Magazine.
8. PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia received the award for Best e-Mark Award 2017 as The 1st winner Category Life Insurance Company in Indonesia from SWA Magazine.
9. PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia won the award for Special Mention as The Innovative CEO in Insurance Sector in the Most Admired CEO 2017 from Warta Ekonomi Magazine.
10. PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia won the award as The Most Popular Company – Category Life Insurance from Warta Ekonomi Magazine
11. PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia won the award as The Most Informative Insurance Company Campaign from Warta Ekonomi Magazine

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