Life insurance is one of the most important insurance that must be owned to avoid financial losses from the risk of death. Unfortunately, many insurance myths is circulating that makes people ignores insurance.

Death is certain and unavoidable when the time has come, even if it is unknown as to when and what the cause is. However, suppose the impact of the losses is not anticipated early on, death can cause prolonged disaster for the family left behind.

The loss of someone you dearly loved, can make the family mentally shaken. Further, it can also bring financial burden. Especially if he/she is the breadwinner of the family, the family lose their only source of income to live their daily lives.

Well, life insurance can anticipate various financial problems and losses arising from death to guarantee the financial continuity of the family, children's education, health, and the feasibility of life of the family members left behind. By having life insurance, you can get peace of mind because family life will still be guaranteed.

Having life insurance does not necessarily mean expecting bad things to happen, but it is an anticipation so that there are no harmful effects for your family in the future. The reason is, no one can know when death will come, but we can still anticipate all the bad possibilities that occur afterward.

That is why life insurance is one of the critical financial plans for everyone to have, especially for those of you who are active and productive in a high-risk environment.

Even for people who lives a healthy life, life insurance can be a complement to this lifestyle. The reason is, a healthy body does not guarantee that someone will avoid the risk of death.

Life insurance, however, provides plentiful benefit for the holders. Unfortunately, it is camouflaged by myths that develops in society. By believing in these myths, people tend to ignore the importance of life insurance.

Surprisingly, there are quite a number of people who are actually do not aware or know the benefits of life insurance because they do not get any information about this. Instead of getting the facts about insurance correctly, they were filled with various false myths.

Are you one of those people who ignore the importance of life insurance? Here are some myths and facts about insurance that can help you understand how important it is to have life insurance:


1. Insurance is only for life protection

Myth: Life insurance only provide benefits towards death of the holders.

Fact: Although mainly life protection provides death benefits, life insurance also includes coverage covering medical expenses of the cause of death to funeral costs. So, this insurance does not merely offer compensation to the families left behind. The benefits are more than that.


2. Insurance only for adults

Myth: Young people don't need life insurance

Fact: The risk in life (sickness, accident, and even death) can happen to anyone, including young single people. As people who have many desires, young people tend to have debt burdens such as credit cards and others. With life insurance, the family left behind can avoid all debt costs that must be paid.


3. Costs of insurance premium is too expensive

Myth: Life insurance premiums are expensive.

Fact: Life insurance offers premium costs that can be adjusted according to your needs. You can pay the premium per month, per semester, up to per year. If you don't want to bother with premium bills that always come, you can even have them with one-time payment.


4. Claims process is not easy

Myth: The process of claiming life insurance is complicated.

Fact: Sun Life Indonesia has an easy life insurance claim process. It can even be done without sending physical documents. With the e-Claim service, you can get a claim form and submit documents digitally. Throughout 2020, Sun Life Indonesia has paid customer claims worth a total of IDR 1.7 trillion.


5. All insurance product is the same

Myth: All life insurance is the same.

Fact: Sun Life Indonesia has various life insurance products that have their own features and advantages. With multiple products available, you can choose which products that suits the costs, protection, and benefits you want.

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