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Brilliance Unit Price

Friday, October 09, 2015

Aggressive (AGG)11,227.66
Moderate (MOD) 6,432.93
Conservative (CON)2,700.45
USD Managed Fund (USD)2.53720
Xtra Aggressive (XAG)1,588.48
Xtra Dynamic (XDN)1,612.43
Xtra Progressive (XPG)1,432.91
Xtra Prima (XPM)1,871.81
Optima Principal Value (OPV)1,198.38
Hasanah Equity (HEQ)1,560.25
Hasanah Balanced (HBA)1,000.00
Aggressive Multi Plus (AMP)2,099.14
Maxi Fund I (MFI)1,093.29
Salam Equity Fund (SEF)1,208.67
Salam Balanced Fund (SBF)1,341.79
Maxi Fund 3 (MF3)1,025.14
Maxi Fund 4 (MF4)1,061.40
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