Term Life

Term Life gives protection for the future of you and your family

Protection for the future of you and your family

When you are committed to settling down, there's nothing more important than your family's welfare. You never know what will happen in the future. Therefore, giving a protection to your family with life insurance plans is the only choice you have.

Have you planned to protect your future and your family's future? As an insurance company, Sun Life  Indonesia presents Term Life - a life insurance program that gives your family security, today and in the future. Don’t risk your future and your family’s future without giving them a protection.

Product Benefits:

  • Flexibility to choose from premium payment periods of 10, 15, or 20 years.
  • Flexibility to pay the premium monthly, quarterly, semester or yearly.
  • Option of adding riders for more comprehensive protection.
  • Providing 100% of the sum assured if the dies dies during the coverage period.

Product Requirements:

Entrance age:

  • Insured: 0 – 70 years old
  • Policy holder: minimum 18 years old

Sum assured: minimum IDR 100,000,000

Premium payment: 10, 15, 20 years

Coverage period: referring to the payment period

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Following are riders to complete your protection needs:

Compensation in the amout of 100% of sum assured if the insured suffers from one of critical illnessess stated in the policy during the coverage period. More

Providing waiver of premium if you are diganosed with one of critical illnessess stated in the policy. More

Compensation in the amount of 100% of sum assured if the insured dies due to accident during the coverage period. More

Providing compensation to the insured in the case of injuries of death by accident. More

Providing waiver of premium if the policy holder suffers from total permanent disability for 6 consecutive months before reaching 60 years old. More

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1. This illustration is not an insurance contract and is not part of the Policy. The terms and conditions of this product refer to the submission process of Life Insurance Application Form and are subject to health, financial, working conditions, and others as regulated in underwriting guideline of Sun Life Indonesia.

2. The amount of Premium as stated above is an illustration for the beginning of the year. The Premium can change with age and other additional riders.

3. Sun Life Indonesia can make adjustments related to this product at any time if necessary.

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