Asuransi Sun USD Guaranteed

Asuransi Sun USD Guaranteed

Face uncertainty with certain things

Life full off uncertainty, a lot of unexpected challenge can come like life risk. What if there’s insurance that can give certain benefit?

Asuransi Sun USD Guaranteed is Single Premium life insurance with USD currency that give death benefit and maturity benefit.

Product Benefit


Pay 1 time only, without medical checkup.


Guaranteed return 3.1%, without any fees.


110% Single Premium for death benefit.

General Requirement

  • Entry Age

       Policy Holder      : 18-80 years old

        Insured                : 30 days-60 years old

  • Insurance Coverage Period

      5 years

  • Premium Paying Period

      Single Premium

  • Currency


Full Term & Conditions refer to Ringkasan Informasi Produk.dan/atau Layanan.

For detailed product information, click here.

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