Proteksi Plus


A protection solution for life and infectious diseases

In the midst of busyness and daily high productivity, insurance with various benefits becomes very important, especially when it is also supported with easy submission process.

Protection Plus is an insurance product solution that provides benefits due to death risk within the insurance period completed with daily inpatient benefit due to infectious diseases.


  • Death benefit
  • Inpatient benefit due to infectious diseases (due to virus, bacteria, parasite or fungus)

Insurance Benefit





Death benefit

IDR30 million

IDR50 million

IDR80 million

Inpatient benefit due to infectious diseases


IDR1 million/day

IDR1.6 million/day

Terms and Condition

Entrance Age:

Policy Owner : 18 – 80 years

Insured : 30 days – 50 years

Currency : IDR

Premium : All at once

Insurance period option : 3, 6 or 12 months

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