Proteksi Mikro Aktif

Sun Proteksi Aktif provides protection from accidents that can cause diseases or injuries

Protection from accident that can cause diseases or injuries

For those with high mobility that mostly spend their working time in the field, having personal protection from accidents should be one of your top responsibilities.

For personal protection against accidents that might cause illness or injuries, you can count on Proteksi Mikro Aktif. For LinkAja Apps users, free your mind from worries during activity with Proteksi Mikro Aktif.


1. Inpatient protection due to accidents with the total amount of 1 million Rupiah (Rp. 1.000.000,-)

2. Affordable premium of Rp. 8.600

3. Easy and fast application process without a health check

Terms & conditions:

Entrance age : 18 – 60 years

Coverage Period: 30 days

Premium payment period: all at once

Currency: IDR

Purchases can only be made through e-Wallet apps LinkAja

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How to buy Proteksi Mikro Aktif with LinkAja Apps

Products that have been purchased cannot be canceled and the premium is non-refundable

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