Asuransi X-Tra Global Optima Link (CIMB Niaga)


Global Investment for Optimal Return

Success is easier to achieve in a wide network, so is investment. Global reach and access in investment give you the opportunity to get optimal results.

Asuransi X-Tra Global Optima Link is an investment-related insurance product that provides life protection as well as an opportunity to invest in the global market.

X-Tra Global Optima Link is part of the One Life Solution as a comprehensive solution for various plans in every life stage. This insurance product is specifically design for CIMB Niaga client.


What is Unit Link Insurance?

Life insurance that is tied to unit link. This product combines the functions of life protection and investment under one financial plan. With this product, you will get life protection and investment benefits according to your needs. Unit link provides benefits with convenience. By paying one premium, you can get life protection and investment benefits.


You Need to Consider This Product If:

·  You want to have an insurance product with optimal and comprehensive protection, with easy premium payment (single premium)

·  You want to have the potential to develop investment funds with easy premium payment (single premium)

·  You are a CIMB Niaga client


Product Excellence

·  Access global investment for optimal returns

·  Insurance benefits in US Dollar currency and tax free

· A wide selection of Investment Funds suitable for your investment profile and goals

· Simple acceptance application without medical check up


Product Benefit

1.    Death Benefit

If the insured dies during the policy period, 100% of sum assured plus the value of investment-linked fund (if any) will be paid to the beneficiary

2.    Investment Benefit

Enjoy the benefit of the value of investment-linked funds at the end of the policy period or before.

Ketentuan Umum Produk:

Entry Age

• Policy Owner                         : 18 – 80 years old

• Insured                                  : 30 days – 70 years

Currency                                  : US Dollar (USD)

Minimum Premium                  : for a policy application of USD5,000 (Basic Premium and  Investment                                                        Premium), with a minimum Basic Premium of USD1,500

Insurance Period                      : until the Insured reaches 88 years old

Sum Assured (SA)                     : 1.25 to 5 times the Basic Premium



The unit price shall be calculated on a daily basis and the performance of investment funds available in some newspapers or you can visit here.

In managing your investment fund, Sun Life Indonesia cooperates with reliable and world class investment managers, such as Schroders Investment Management and Fortis Investment.

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