Asuransi Ultima Care (ICBC)

World-class protection for preferred individuals

As a professional who achieves success wherever you are, surely you understand the importance of protecting your assets, including your health. However, there are uncertain risks in life, such as illness, which can result in high medical expenses that affect your income.

Sun Life Indonesia and ICBC Bank present Asuransi Ultima Care, providing life and health protections for preferred individual like you, with compensation to cover the cost of world-class medical and surgery treatments wherever you need, both in Indonesia and foreign countries.

Insurance benefits & product advantages

  1. Worldwide protection

    Providing health protection within our health care network, including in foreign countries.

  2. World-class health care

    Facilitating customers to access world-class health care with the standard of one room with one bedroom.

  3. Comprehensive protection

    Flexibility to be bundled with protections against the risks of critical illness, accident, and permanent disability.

  4. Potential of investment return

        Get the potential of investment return upon the premium already pai

Terms & conditions

Currency : IDR

Entry Age :

  • Policy owner : 18 – 80 years old (only for ICBC Bank account holders)
  • Insured : 30 days – 70 years old

Investment fund management

The unit price shall be calculated on daily basis and the performance of investment funds available in some newspapers or you can visit here. In managing your investment fund, Sun Life Indonesia cooperates with reliable and world class investment managers, such as Schroders Investment Management and Fortis Investment.

For detailed product information, click here.

Following are riders to maximize your protection.

Providing waiver of premium if the policy holder dies within policy period. More

Providing world-class, complete health protection for up to 88 years. More

Providing health protection since early stage for up to 88 years. More

Providing various benefits if you or your family must be hospitalized. More

Providing compensation of 100% of sum assured if the insured suffers from one of 40 critical illnesses stated in the policy within the coverage period. More

Provdiing protection from critical illness since early stage. More

Provoding waiver of premium if your are diagnosed with one of 40 critical illnesses stated in the policy. More

Providing compensation of 100% of sum assured if the insured dies due to accident within coverage period. More

Providing compensation to the insured due to accident or accidental death. More

Providing waiver of premium if the policy holder suffers from total permanent disability for 6 consecutive months before reaching 60 years old. More