Asuransi Salam Hijrah Investasi


Having insurance and waqf at the same time from now until then for a valuable future

Protection and investment are important for you and your family’s future planning. Based on sharia principle, a future full of blessings means a future that free from uncertainty, gambling, and any illegitimate things. Blessing could also gained by doing waqf, share everything to help each other and gain goodness that last forever.

PT Sun Life Financial Indonesia presents Asuransi Salam Hijrah Investa as a sharia-based insurance solution for future planning which credible, blessed and trusted. This product provides a comprehensive insurance protection, professional investment management and facility to do waqf.

Primary benefits:

  1. Comprehensive insurance benefit to maximize the protection
  2. Provide various sharia-based investment fund and managed by trusteeship and professionalism.
  3. Optimal investment return since first policy’s year
  4. Loyalty bonus and contribution bonus up to age-100
  5. Waqf feature to fulfill the needs to do waqf

General provisions:

Currency : IDR

Entry age:

  • Policy Holder : 18 – 80 y.o
  • Participant : 30 days – 65 years old
Contribution payment period : during insurance period
Insurance coverage period : up to 100 y.o
Minimum contribution per year : IDR 7,200,000
Contribution payment mode  : Annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly


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