Asuransi Salam Anugerah Keluarga

asuransi salam anugerah kaluarga

Always be a Company, Forever Protecting

Life is full of uncertainty, therefore, the comfort of a family is a top priority that needs to be protected. Make sure your family get protected with insurance protection. Get comprehensive insurance package with Asuransi Salam Anugerah Keluarga and Sun Medical Platinum Syariah now, with cashback 35%. This special promo comes with limited period until 15 November 2020, applied only for new submission with plan S or plan A. Click here for more info.

Have you chosen the right protection for your family?

PT Sun Life Indonesia presents Salam Anugerah Keluarga Insurance as a comprehensive family protection and planning solution. Comes with Insurance Compensation for husband and wife, as well as 2 children, Salam Anugerah Keluarga Insurance fulfills Indonesian families’ needs at the present and in the future.

What is sharia unit link insurance?

Sharia unit-linked insurance is a sharia based unit-linked insurance that is managed based on sharia principles, which is the principle of mutual assistance - helping fellow Participants managing contributions in the Tabarru Fund.

You need to consider this product if

·       For you who want to provide comprehensive protection to the whole family

·       Those of you who wish to have world-class comprehensive health coverage for one family

·       For you who want to be protected while giving alms with waqf

Product excellence:

1.    One insurance policy provides insurance protection for 4 Participants, consist of: husband, wife, and 2 children

2.    Affordable contribution with comprehensive protection

3.    Being paired with a world-class health insurance rider, called Sun Medical Platinum Syariah, which provides limit booster benefit up to Rp 40 billion each for all family members up to a maximum of 6 Participants

4.    Available with 7 riders option that can be chosen to maximize protection

5.    Opportunity to do sadaqah jariyah through waqf


General requirements

Currency                                              : Rupiah

Age at entry (Last Birthday)

-          Policy Holder/First Participant       : 18 – 60 years old

-          Second Participant                       : 30 days – 65 days

-          Child Participant                          : 30 days – 17 years old

Contribution Payment Period                  : during Insurance Period

Insurance Period                                   : up to 88 years old

Minimum Annual Contribution                : IDR 9.000.000

Contribution Payment Mode                    : Annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly

Don’t miss out additional benefit by referring your colleagues, relatives, and families to buy this product and get 5% profit from this first year’s Regular Insurance Contribution!

Click here for detailed product information.

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Product Overview

Health and Life insurance for one family


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Life insurance & investment



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Life insurance & investment with additional bonuses


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Product Highlight
  • 1 polis asuransi untuk 1 keluarga
  • Sun Medical Platinum Syariah for health protection for up to 6 family members
  • Life insurance & investment
  • 100% additional Sum Assured if insured die due to an accident
  • Premium bonus up to 10% starting from year-3
  • Loyalty Bonus 50% at end of year-15
Insurance Period Up to age 88 Up to age 100 Up to age 100
Min. Annual Contribution/Premium IDR 9 million IDR 12.5 milion IDR 24 milion
Product Information Summary      

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