Asuransi Brilliance Amanah (Syariah)

Bringing you closer to Kaaba

Every Muslim must have been dreaming to perform the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimage, as well as the pilgrimage to the tomb of Prophet Muhammad. In addition to the spiritual and budget preparation, having protection for you and your family becomes an integral part in preparing your pilgrimage.

Through Asuransi Brilliance Amanah, you can also help your fellow Muslims around you in terms of making a financial planning and insurance for them and their families to perform Hajj or Umrah.

How Asuransi Brilliance Amanah can help your pilgrimage plan as well as to ensure you and your family experience a peace of mind and comfort during the pilgrimage? Here are the answers:

  • Potential growth in investment return with loyalty benefit and surplus underwriting that can be used for various purposes including preparation for the pilgrimage (Hajj and Umrah) fund.
  • Sum assured as income replacement in the form of daily hospital income if during the pilgrimage, you are hospitalized either due to illness or accident.
  • Sum assured for the risk of suffering permanent disability or death due to accident during the pilgrimage.
  • Sum assured for the risk of death during insurance period.
  • Hajj Badal fund which is provided for someone who will replace you to perform the pilgrimage.

Terms & conditions:

Entry age:

  • Insured: 30 days – 65 years old
  • Participant: 18-70 years old

Minimum regular contribution: IDR 8,000,000 per year

Coverage period: 20 years

Investment fund management

The unit price shall be calculated on daily basis and the performance of investment funds available in some newspapers or you can visit here.

In managing your investment fund, Sun Life Financial Indonesia cooperates with reliable and world class investment managers, such as Schroders Investment Management and Fortis Investment.

For detailed product information, click here.

Disclaimer: Asuransi Brilliance Amanah is life insurance product with investment related (PAYDI) and subject to investment risk. Prior to purchasing PAYDI, the Applicant (Policyholder, Insured, and/or Participant) must read and understand the product information summary. Please note that past PAYDI investment performance is not indicative of future performance.

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