Salam Ikhtiar Hari Tua


An Endeavor to Step for the Financial Security of the Next Generation

Happy retirement is everyone’s dream. Being happy to be able to enjoy your goals in life, being happy to know that medical expenses are not an obstacle. Your endeavor to step today will determine the comfortable retirement. 

Salam Ikhtiar Hari Tua package is the right financial planning solution with sharia principle to achieve your happy retirement. With comprehensive protection package in one hand, you will get life protection and comprehensive medical care protection for your retirement. Along with Bonus Benefits in the form of Contribution Bonus and Administration Ujrah Refund Bonus that can optimize your fund investment value. 

Key Product Features:

1.  Coverage period until 100 years old.

2. Comprehensive medical coverage with smart health auto switch to optimize your health protection in every stage of your life:

      a. Critical Illness protection on your productive age.

      b. Comprehensive medical on your retirement age up to 100 years old.

3. Opportunity to have additional retirement fund.

4. Wealth optimizer features, with Contribution Bonus up to 6%2).

5. Administration Ujrah Refund Bonus2 starts from early 6th year Policy onwards to maximize investment fund value .



For complete terms and conditions, please refer to Product and/or Services Information Summary:

1) Sun Medical Solution Syariah (rider)

2) Asuransi Salam Hasanah


General Requirements:

Currency                                           : IDR

Entry Age (Last Birthday):

-          Policy Holder                          : 18 – 80 years old

-          Participant                             

            -  Plan Silver                          : 30 days – 70 years old

            - Plan Gold                            : 30 days – 60 years old

Insurance Coverage                            : up to 100 years old

Disclaimer: Asuransi Salam Hasanah is life insurance product with investment related (PAYDI) and subject to investment risk. Prior to purchasing PAYDI, the Applicant (Policyholder, Insured, and/or Participant) must read and understand the product information summary. Please note that past PAYDI investment performance is not indicative of future performance.

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