Sun Proteksi Siaga provides protection from accident that can cause death

Protection from accident that can cause death

You surely have great goals, plans, and dreams for your family and loved ones. However, what lies ahead, cannot be fully controlled. Therefore, it is important to prepare you and your family from unpredictable life risks from early on.

Sun Life Financial Indonesia presents Proteksi Mikro Siaga, the right protection from death by accident with affordable premium, completed with compensation benefit for death.


Sun Life Financial Indonesia as the insurer will give the insurance benefits to the insured with the following terms and conditions:

1. 100% of sum assured when the insured passes away due to accidents.

2. Those who have right to receive the insurance benefits are the beneficiaries. When a beneficiary passes away, the other beneficiary is the legitimate heir based on the law. If the beneficiary or the heir is still immature, then the beneficiary would be their guardian.

Terms & conditions:

Entrance age : 18 – 60 years old

Coverage Period: 1 to 90 days

Premium payment period: all at once

Currency: IDR

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