Happy family for a better life

Family comes first. Cherish the happiness with your loved ones, supported by the right planning.

Happy family for a better life
  • 3 causes of stress in family

    Family problems can affect everything; office, school. Avoid these things that can trigger stress in the family.

  • 5 financial secrets of smart moms

    There is one skill that every mother should have: managing family finance. Here are 5 steps to become a smart mom in managing finance.

  • 7 ways to make your parents happy

    There is no limitation on what to give to your parents. Considering everything they have done for you, do these in return to make them happy.

  • Lying about finance to your spouse

    The hardest part in planning the future is talking about finance to your spouse, although being open financially is very important in marriage.

  • Easy way to cook hot pot

    To make hot pot, all you need is seasoned broth and ingredients from your fridge. Simple and no hassle.