How to claim

We make sure that our clients experience is easy and convenient when making a claim. Here are some tips on how to do it right.

making a claim

In order to ensure a smooth claim process, It is important the information provided is accurate and true, especially when the insurance agreement is signed.

Here are some tips on how to best make a claim:

  • Answer all questions honestly and accurately in the Life Insurance Application Form.
  • Make sure your policy is always active (not lapsed).
  • Always pay the premium before the due date.
  • Read and understand the insurance type that you have.
  • Know how much the amount of sum assured that you could receive.
  • Crosscheck that correct information is in the completed claim form.
  • Make sure all supported materials needed for making a claim, such as medical records, laboratory test results, copy of ID, copy of saving books, etc. are available.
  • Re-check all documents before you submit them.

For more information about making a claim, please contact our client service center at 1 500 786, or email at Or you can visit our client service centers here.

You can easily submit claim of hospital income through My Sun Life application. Click here for the how-to.

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